Iona Miller, c1987

Picture of the author, Iona Miller
I inquire, I do not assert;
I do not here determine anything with final assurance;
I conjecture, try, compare, attempt, ask...
Statement of Purpose:  The orientation of the Synergetic Qabala sites is to provide serious qabalists with modern conjectures in Theoretical Qabala with the aim of contemporizing our models and practices.  The emphasis here is on mysticism and meditation, rather than ritual and magick.  These essays, artwork, and visualizations are not meant as a new dogma, practice, or school of thought.  They are simply the result of my own thirty-plus years of qabalistic work.  I hope they provide a springboard for your own thought.  They are meant to stimulate and provoke your own speculations, insights, and experiments.

Qabala is not a static doctrine, but a living Way.  Qabala is an experiential path, an experiment which lasts throughout one's life.  Qabala is ultimately about access to and experience of discrete states of consciousness, ways of being and becoming.  To glean its wisdom, we must "sample the dish," not simply read the recipes.  It is a subject which cannot be exhausted.  We must make it our own, even while honoring its tradition.  In this way, we have the best of both worlds.  Qabalistic traditions and models are validated by modern research everyday.  It has a vast capacity to incorporate the entire repertoire of human knowledge and understanding, coordinating through its primary glyph, the Tree of Life.

We can update our models and create revolutions in our own beliefs and thinking, much the same as happens in science.  Therefore, we will be drawing on resources from post quantum physics, Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology, and traditional and modern philosophical speculation, such as Buckminster Fuller's Synergetics.  I hope you find valuable concepts here for bootstrapping into your own worldview and facilitating your journey toward Union.

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