A Modern Alchemical View of the Philosopher's Stone

by Richard and Iona Miller (aka Philo Stone), ©1981

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...the first Sefirah is Keter, the Crown, the beginning, the primal void.  In the beginning He created a point, which became Thought, where all the figures were drawn.  He was and was not, encompassed in the name, having as yet no name other than the desire to be called by a name. . . . He traced signs in the air; a dark light leapt from His  most secret depth, like a colorless mist that gives form to formlessness, and  the flames streamed down to illuminate the lower Sefirot, and down, down to the Kingdom.

...In the second Sefirah the dark aleph changes into the luminous aleph.  From the Dark Point spring the letters of the Torah.  The consonants are the body, the vowels the breath, and together they accompany the worshipper as he chants.  When the chant moves, the consonants are the body, the vowels the breath, and together they accompany the worshipper as he chants.  When the chant moves, the consonants and vowels move with it, and from them rises Hokmah--wisdom, knowledge, the primordial thought that contains, as in a box, everything, all will unfold in creation.  Hokmah holds the essence of all that will emanate from it.

Binah is the palace Hokmah builds as He spreads out from the primordial point.  If Hokmah is the source, Binah is the river that flows from it, separating into its various branches until they all empty into the great sea of the last Sefirah.  But in Binah all forms are already formed.

...Hesed is not only the Sefirah of grace and love...it is also the moment of expansion of the divine substance, which spreads out to the edge of infinity.  It is the care of the living for the dead, but someone also must have observed that it is the care of the dead for the living.

                                           --Umberto Eco, Foucault's Pendulum

The Tree of Life
Iona Miller, ©1980
According to scenarios imagined by modern theorists, "the universe originated in a cosmic fluctuation, in which pure energy condensed into matter.  Sometime around 10-14_ second after time zero, a soup of elementary particles and antiparticles condensed out of this energized void, like water droplets condensing out of humid air as the temperature falls.  These particles and antiparticles then began annihilating, so the theory goes, until only one in a billion was left, and that happened to be matter rather than antimatter.  Perhaps the universe began with this one-part-in-a-billion excess of matter over antimatter, and what's left over from the furious annihilation is our universe..."



THE DIAMOND BODY is a contemporary meditation technique from secret practices with over 4,000 years of mystical tradition.  The oldest-known practice of this technique of meditation was known as Merkabah Mysticism, allegedly developed by the Jewish Patriarch, Abraham.  It is a regeneration meditation for immortality.

THE DIAMOND BODY is examined from perspectives in Jungian psychology, from definitions in physics and Jewish mysticism.  This is then synthesized into the framework of Magick.  There is an inherent spiritual aspect of matter, found in the nature of order and synchronous events.  This spiritual aspect is explored through the philosophical concepts known as the Philosopher's Stone

A geometrical image is developed from solid state physics, corresponding to both the Jewish mystical traditions and current concepts in Imaginal psychology.  A mathematical model is generated to assist the development of anima consciousness via a visualization exercise of the diamond body.  A resonance occurs between specific internal-state functions and the "outside."  These resonance relationships are discussed and specific models are given to aid visualization and resonance.

The use of these geometrical forms as Magickal tools offers intriguing possibilities.  They allow experimental interaction with archetypes of God-forms.  They also grant access to those specific altered states where one experiences the eternal aspect of sacred time:  A consciousness of immortality.  THE DIAMOND BODY as an exercise is a meditation form of the future.

This practice of meditation develops a common ground, uniting psyche with matter.  Through the stabilization and equilibrium fostered in the aspirant during mediation sessions, the individual is brought into increased harmony with the environment.  More important, a "repair function" is now available, one able to reverse those entropic functions related to libido.

THE DIAMOND BODY is a breakthrough in meditation techniques, something for the 21-Century.   Steeped in mystery, the Merkabah Chariot of Sepher-Yetzirah, the BOOK OF FORMATION is also Ezekiel's vision:  the Cube of Space.  For the first time, a contemporary description of THE DIAMOND BODY is formulated using synergetics, cognitive sciences, phsycis, and metaphysics.  Physical and psychological anologs are offered to reveal the timeless experience available through visualizing the true Philosopher's Stone.

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by Richard and Iona Miller (aka Philo Stone)

A Modern Alchemical View of the Philosopher's Stone.

 (The Philosophy);  Based on the Synergetics work of R. Buckminster Fuller, this work unifies models from solid state physics, Jungian psychology, and cross cultural systems of meditation.  The scope of this book combines the ancient past and future in an amazing, contemporary woldview.  A revolutionary work in interdepartmental disciplines, spanning the continuum between mathematics and mysticism.

Self-Realization Through Yogatronics, Video-Graphics and Light-Loops.

 (The Theory);  This work recounts the R/D creating a hardware and software system for an advanced biofeedback technique implementing a mind/computer interface.  The "VIDERU" is designed to allow an individual to alter undesirable habit patterns and lead to greater self-awareness.  It is the new  video game:  Self-Realization or "Re-Creation" of one's Self.  A time/space machine for exploring inner/outer realms of the imagination.

Experiments in Perceptual Synergetics.

 (The Practice);  Experiments conducted in electronic pathworking with the "VIDERU" are summarized and evaluated.  Using audio-visual and olfactory inputs and feedback, specific brain wave patterns and neurochemistries are evoked.  Potential applications are explored.  Future developments in biochip technology (i.e. computerized brain implants made of organic molecules) are discussed.


"The ecology of the Soul is to recycle one's consciousness"
Videru Telemahandi


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