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The Synergetic Qabala



The Unicursal Hexagram


MALKUTH, the Sphere of Earth

    a. Initiation: Neophyte--The Value and Meaning of Initiation
    b. Ritual: On the Practice of Ritual and Ceremony
    c. Practical QBL: The Holographic Concept of Reality

    a. Psychological Model: The Path of Individuation
    b. Archetypal Encounter
        (1). Persona, the Public Mask
        (2). The Shadow, Your Unlived Life
        (3). The Double and Immortality
    c. Mythic Correspondence:
        (1). Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth
        (2). The Kore, Maiden Bride
        (3). Demeter, Earth Mother
        (4). Narcissus, the Self-Absorbed
        (5). Pan, the Nature God
        (6). Gaia, Primal Matter

    a. Astrological Cycles of Unfolding (Natal Chart=Prima Materia)
    b. Introduction to Alchemy in Jungian Psychology
    c. Alchemical Imagination: Making Psyche Matter (Mortificatio)

     a. The Banishing Ritual and Psychological Orientation
     b. Psychic Equilibration and the Middle Pillar Exercise
     c. Middle Pillar Exercise and Synesthesia: Cross-Modal Sensations

MALKUTH, Sphere of Earth

Malkuth means "the Kingdom."  All gross matter may be considered as expressing the qualities of the four elements: fire, water, air, and earth.  In modern terms, there are four fundamental natural forces.  They are "strong" force, "weak" force, electromagnetism, and gravity.  "Strong" force holds the nucleus of the atom together, contributing to the tability of matter; "weak" force occurs in many natural processes, but the most familiar is radioactive decay.  Malkuth is the corporeal sphere of Earth.

The basis of any stable magickal development is the maintanance of physical health through proper diet and exercise.  Wrong diet, especially eating at inappropriate times, is a major cause of physical, emotional, and mental imbalance.

Opinions differ on whether man's natural diet should include meat.  But most meat is full of steroids and antibiotics that accumulate and cause harm to the body.  What serious aspirant would want to kill and living creatures for food or sport?  Is that not a lack of compassion?  Advantages of a meatless die include lower incidence of hardening of the arteries, less uric acid, and chemical intake.  According to yogis, it also makes the body less distracting in meditation to eat Satvic, rather than rajasic or tamasic foods.  Nutritional suppliments for B-12, lecithin and minerals ensure optimal physical and mental performance.

The best stress management programs consist of a combination of physical exercise and meditation.  One works with the sympathetic nervous system, and other on the parasympathetic system.

Development of body-awareness is important for "coming to wholeness."  There are many techniques to choose from.  A disciplined physical fitness routine might include any of the following: aerobics, "chopping wood and carrying water," Tai Chi, hatha yoga, or dance.  If you seek energy=aerobics; freedom=stretching, yoga, Tai Chi; power=martial arts, muscle building; joy=dance; exercise + "inner-cize" can be done with guided images.

1. Physical Plane:  The four natural forces.  Resonance.  Sensory awareness.  Diet and Exercise.  Level of observation in Physics; matter.  Body; psychosomatics.

2. Astral Plane: The Magickal Image is a Young Woman, Crowned and Throned, who is Demeter/Persephone, a dual form of the Goddess.  She is at once Earth Mother and her daughter (the Kore), the archetypal maiden.  This young bride becomes the Queen of the Underworld, or subconscious.  Persona, the social mask.  Discrimination, avarice, inertia.

 3. Causal Plane:  The Personal Unconscious includes the memories and repressed material which must be raised to consciusness.  These conflicts must be resolved before one is ready to confront the Collective Unconscious.  These repressed contents requires a specific technique designed to "raised" them.

  4. Archetypal Plane: Initiation into a Mystery has to do with "initium"; an image of "going within, suddenly" as in the abduction of Persephone into the Underworld, below the threshold of consciousness.  Her "going within" changed her in a fundamental way, suddenly and forever.

Book II Path 32:  THE UNIVERSE, Saturn

THE UNIVERSE: Path 32 and Extrasensory Perception

        a. Transitional Phase: The Tree of Life, Topological Modeling, and Information Theory
        b. Ritual: The Spiritual Hierarchy and Assuming the Godform
        c. Practical QBL: Pathworking; Inroads of the Imagination

        a. Psychological Model: Archetypes, Fundamental Components of Daily Living
        b. Mythic Correspondences:
            (1). Hera, the Mating Instinct
            (2). Saturn/Kronos, the Puer/Senex Archetype

        a. The Age Factor in Astrology, and Trainsits
        b. Saturn, Lord of Boundaries
        c. The Nigredo in Alchemy

        a. Time Perception and Sensory Filtering
        b. 32nd Pathworking: The Personal Experience of Time; Hypnosis and Time
        c. Life Extension Practices (Aging, Rejuvination, and Immortality)


Path 32 bridges the Physical Plane to the Astral Plane.  As it is ruled astrologically by the planet Saturn, it has to do with space/time and the propagation of recurrent patterns, (from archetypal manifestation to human habits).

As the connecting link between malkuth and Yesod, Path 32 graphically depicts how space/time connects EM fields to matter.

Path 32 is the first path encountered when the aspirant is initiated into the Way of Return up the Tree of Life.  It is a path of equilibrium, since it is found on the Middle Pillar.  It represents the beginning and perfection of the Great Work.

1. Physical Plane: Melancholy and anxiety with fantasies of regeneration and rejuvination.  Path 32 is the avenue of reincarnation on the descent of spirit into matter.  The mind becomes introspective and turns away from the field of sensory perception as a literal (and only) reality.  The 'well' symbolizes the subconscious, the Fountain of Youth, or immortality.  Alchemy was originally conceived as a life extension program, which renewed one both psychically and physically (Yesod and Malkuth).  Perception.

2. Astral Plane: The strongest image for this path is a descent into the underworld.  It is the beginning stage of mystical soul travel, during which one concentrates on development of the astral body.  This facilitates the experiencing of reality through psychic senses, which are metaphorical perceptions through the agencies of sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing.  These so-called ESP phenomenon do not require the introduction of a new sense, but only this new metaphorical mode of apprehending through those with which we are familiar.  This plane of Path 32 also represents the beginnings of devotional mysticism.  Also included is the concept of karma, and the mating instinct.  The combination of these two leads to the concept of the soul-mate, who cannot be found until this plane is experienced.  Clairvoyance.

3. Causal Plane: The stability confered by Saturn through this path helps promote concentration, particularly in relationship to images.  These images arise spontaneously in the Astral Plane, and percolate through to normal ego-consciousness through this Path, with varying amounts of distortion.  Focused concentration eliminates fuzziness.  Both magick and psychoanalysis provide the means for focusing and following images through their transformations into an equilibrated state in Tiphareth (#6).  Insight.

4. Archetypal Plane: Space/time creates certain limitations or boundary conditions of both human physical and psychic existence.  Acceptance of these conditions and the form it produces are necessary for realization.  With persistence, it is possible to attain perfection through rejuvination.  There is harmony among the Chakras of the physical body (CNS and endocrines).  This produces a cosmic consciusness and a yearning for further experiences of soul travel on the path to God-Realization.  Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity is relevant.


Book III: YESOD, Sphere of the Moon (Prototaxic Mode, shamanism, bioenergetics, emotional-sexual energy, prana, libido)

        a. Initiation: Zelator
        b. Ritual: The Value of Dreamwork
        c. Practical QBL: The Body of Light, Part 1; The Astral Body

       a. Psychological Model: Mythical Living, Metaphorical Perception
       b. Archetypal Encounter: Lunar (or Feminine) Consciousness
              (1). The Great Mother and Virgin Goddesses (Moon Magick)
              (2). The Syzygy; Anima and Animus
       c. Mythic Correspondence:
              (1). Athena and Hephaistos
              (2). Artemis, Goddess of the Moon
              (3). Psyche=Isis

        a. Secondary Progressions for Each Year of Life
        b. The Moon and the Lunation Cycle in Astrology
        c. Luna and the Albedo in Alchemy

        a. Some Thoughts on the Phenomena of Astral Projection
        b. Seasonal Timing and Tides (Equinoxes and Solstices)

YESOD, Sphere of the Moon

Yesod is the lunar world of the Great Mother.  The Moon exemplifies the notion of dynamic equilibrium; it builds a firm foundation of stability based on cyclic change.  This ebb and flow is characteristic of the Feminine Ms.teries and Lunar Magic.  Emotional-sexual sphere.

The Moon of Yesod symbolizes fertility of body, soul, mind, and imagination.  Its manifestation range from reflective and purely automatic impulses of generation to providing a source of inspiration.  This fluctuating world of shape-shifting forms is know in mythology as ISIS, the Great Mother who contains all otherr goddesses.  She represents the archetypal virginity of the feminine aspect of Godhead, its all-encompassing receptivity.

The characteristic experience of Yesod or the lower astral plane is a trance state of varying depth.  Most commonly, ego, memory and control are weak or absent.  There is dissociation from an ordinary state of consciusness.  If memory of the imagery experience is retained, it  may be misinterpreted or distorted, resulting in no effective assimilation into daily life.  This is the disrete state where channeling phenomena occur.

Receptivity is the keyword for Yesod, which in the Four Worlds is represented by the following:

1.  Physical Plane:  In the phenomenal world Yesod is characterized as electromagnetic fields, known by physicists to be the formative basis of matter.  In the human body, the genitals represent Yesod.  Instincts act on the body producing psychomotor automatisms, or the automatic gut-feel responses.  Subconscious micromotions also account for the responses of such phenomena as the Ouija Board, dowsing, and pendulums.  Astrologically, Yesod is the Moon or Luna.  Gareth Knight links Pan to Yesod, stating that "Pan gives the idea of archetypal strength which is characteristic of the etheric and of the action of the Moon on Earth."  Pan's appearance here also indicates his other manifestations including panic reactions or attacks, nightmare, guilt, and disturbed erotic involvement.  Hyperarousal.

2.  Astral Plane:  At this level one can tap the reservoir of life-force or pranic energy.  Kundalini is a physical manifestation of the astral form of Yesod.  The therapeutic practice of Bioenergetics resolves repressions and traumas releasing vitality.  This level of lunar consciusness includes one's personal reactions to the complex environment.  Yesod is a sphere of personal awareness.  The personality is a unique complex of emotions and thoughts.  This is the level of shamanism and Moon Magic--Wicca.  It provides no access past the Astral Plane.  Its negative effects include superstition, overemotionalism or reactiveness.  Astral psychism.  Independence; idleness.

3.  Causal Plane:  From the psychological perspective, Yesod is the realm of Imagination and Archetypes.  One may experience it through Trance or various Art forms.  There is understanding of the contrasexual aspects of the anima and animus.  There is release from possession and enhanced control of emotions through employing the imaginative technique of personification of divine forces.

4.  Archetypal Plane:  On the highest level, Yesod manifests as dream experiences and divination.  This is the level of oracular prophecy.

 HOD, the Sphere of Mercury
(Reason, Intellect, Hermetism, Technology)

        a. Initiation: Practicus
        b. Ritual: Science Fantasies and Technological Thought
        c. Practical QBL: Synchronicity and Humor

        a. Psychological Model: Psychological Types of Personality
        b. Archetypal Encounter:
            (1). Hermes (or Mercurius), the Trickster
            (2). Eros, as Puer
            (3). "Spirit"
        c. Mythic Correspondences:
            (1). Casteneda's Indian Sorcerer, Don Juan
            (2). The "mad scientist" controvery

        a. Mercury, Planet of Intellect
        b. The Alchemical Mercurius

        a. A taxonomy of Altered States of Consciousness
        b. Jungian Typology Test

HOD, Sphere of Mercury

Hod is the Sphere of the rational intellect, and its ability for logical thought processes.  In QBL, this Sphere is known as Splendour, the force through which man extends his will.  It symbolizes the magnificent riches and grandeur of the mental faculty.  Mental functions and thought work largely through the process of assication, for the purpose of relating that which previously was separate.

Hod represents the ability to communicate and peceive.  It relates especially to academic and intellectual matters.  Development of this Sphere enhances one's ability to communicate clearly and honestly.  You are able to transmit your messages and ideas to others so that they are received without distortion.  Multi-level communication includes intelligibility and gut-feeling awareness.

Since Hod rules logic, it also presides over our fields of philosophy, science and technology.  These sciences and their applications on a practical level categorize discrete portions of the great unknown for specialized study.  Adoppting the techniques and use of knowledge and skill helps us to function in a more effective manner.  The intellect reflects the tonal quality of an individual.

 1.  Physical Plane: Cerebral tissue and nerves.  Magical force, or prana.  The electrical charge traveling through the nervous system.  Hermes, or Mercury is the "chemical messenger."  Hod also signifies Synchronicity, which is like meaningful coincidence.

 2.  Astral Plane:  Hod represents the principles of relatedness, association, and interchange.  Fluidic thought-processes may bring revelations to one who seeks to know himself.  In this sense, Hermes rules the therapeutic explorations of depth psychology.  The Magickal Image of Hod is the Hermaphrodite.  The messenger of the Gods is this same androgynous Mercury who nightly brings our dreams.  He appears negatively in those who feel perpetually "misunderstood."  Truthfulness; dishonesty.

 3.  Causal Plane:  Hod represents the forms of all philsophies and sciences, but is corresponded with Parapsychology, in particular.  Because this area seeks explanations for curious borderline phenomena, it forms a link between "hard" sciences and the occult.  Hermeneutics, or the science of interpreting scriptures also comes under the influence of Hod.  Self-analysis.

 4. Archetypal Plane:  Hod represents the archetypal Trickster, which manifests alternatively as magician, or clown.  Thus, Hermes embodies the comic spirit functioning as a soul guide, enabling us to accept and laugh at our shortcomings.  Hermes, as soul guide, , also opens up the way to the hidden depths of the unconscious, bringing us the messages of the Gods.  Hermetic Philosophy began in the Third Century B.C., and revealed the "secrets of nature."  It discovered a network of sympathies and antipathies which is categorized in correspondences.  It is a Mystery and an initiatory transmission of that mystery.  It maintains that with the help of this special knowledge, man can "become god."  Hermetism is a revealed secret doctrine which communicates esoteric wisdom.  This esoteric knowledge ensures salvvation, not through an initatory chain, but through proper interpretation, application and assimilation of sacred texts.  This assimilation is equivalent to initiation.

 NETZACH, Sphere of Venus
(Values and human love)

        a. Initiation: Philosophus
        b. Ritual: Divination
        c. Practical QBL: Electromagnetic Fields and their relationship to the "Astral Plane"

        a. Psychological Model: Image, the Imaginal, and Imagination
        b. Archetypal Encounter: Aphrodite
        c. Mythic Correspondence:
            (1). Orpheus
            (2). Aphrodite
            (3). Circe
            (4). Tristan and Iseult, or Guinevere and Lancelot

        a. Venus,